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Loans should not be a “one size fits all” business. At Good Greek Loan at Waterman Bank, we offer a variety of loans, each designed to meet a specific need. Our trusted mortgage advisors partner with you to find the right loan for your situation.

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Conventional Fixed Rate Loans: Your payment for principal and interest is the same throughout the life of the loan.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs): Adjustable rates may allow initial monthly payments, for a set period of time, to be lower than a Fixed Rate Mortgage. The interest rate may change periodically during the loan term. Monthly payments may increase or decrease based on interest rate changes.
FHA Loans: We work with loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration.
VA Loans: We work with loans where a portion of the loan is guaranteed by the Veterans Administration.
Jumbo Loans: Financing for loans above conforming loan limits.
New Construction and Lot Loans: Financing to purchase land and build a new home.
Bridge Loan: Short-term loans used to bridge the gap between closing on a new home and selling your old home.
Renovation: Financing to make home repairs and upgrades.

Personal or Commercial Loans

The Right Solution For Your Situation

Life is full of opportunities. Work with a trusted lender and make your dreams a reality.

Mortgages: You’ve found that dream home, let us help your dream come true by owning it.
Commercial Loans: Stabilize your cash flow, expand your business, launch a marketing campaign or invest in equipment.

Our experienced mortgage advisors will work with you, finding the most competitive rates and best loan options.

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Good Greek Loan at Waterman Bank

Good Greek Loan offers a customer-focused lending process that matches people with the right loan for their situation. Our customers have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a financial institution honored to have a long history of outstanding financial services that help people achieve their personal and business goals.

Founded in 1891, Illinois-based Waterman Bank focuses on setting the standard for excellence in financial service products while also realizing the greatest benefit for shareholders, employees and customers. Waterman Bank has mortgage locations in Chicago, Illinois, Waterman, Illinois and West Palm Beach, Florida.


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